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In October (2022) Mary Mae Lewis was featured on Stoke-on-Trent Live:

"Meet the author from Tunstall who now lives between Spain and Wolstanton: 

Mary Mae Lewis found it challenging to grow up in the Potteries"

Summerbank Primary School's girls' swimming team in 1959
Mary Mae in Book Corner at Summerbank Nursery School, 1953 
Historian Mervyn Edward speaks to author Mary Mae Lewis about her upbringing:

Mary Mae Lewis was runner-up in a 2018 writing competition organised by The Sentinel and Staffordshire University having penned a piece of prose entitled A Vie en Rose inspired by Henri Rousseau’s Exotic Landscape, describing the conservatory in Tunstall Park.

She is also the author of Where There’s A Will There’s A Woman and Don’t Stop The Fiesta.

Billionaire British businessman John Caudwell recently wrote an autobiography, Love, Pain and Money, extracts of which have also appeared in The Sentinel.

The two writers may live in different worlds, yet have something in common. Both found it a challenge to grow up in Stoke-on-Trent.

You can read the whole article here - 
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